Orient Printing Press & Stationery LLC, aka “OPPS Print” is one of the leading printing press companies in Dubai established in 1985. Our print house offers all types of offset and digital printing press services in Dubai. Each of our print projects goes through a stringent quality checks process and any rejected prints are replaced immediately for our customers.

Copyright Materials

Orient Printing Press Dubai site contains graphics, photographs, images, document layouts, artwork, text, fonts, music, software tools, and other information (referred to herein as “Content”). This Site and all Content are the copyrighted property of “OPPS PRINT”. All rights in this Site and its Content are reserved worldwide. It is strictly prohibited to retain, copy, distribute, publish, or use any portion of the Content except as expressly allowed in these Terms of Use. OPPS PRINT reserves the right to add to, delete from, or modify any part of Content at any time without prior notice.

Use of Site

You are granted permission to access and use this Site and its Content for the sole purpose of preparing, evaluating, and ordering products or services solely through OPPS PRINT. No other download, retention, use, publication, or distribution of any portion of the Content is authorized or permitted. Obtaining Products from OPPS PRINT does not entitle you to use any portion of Content apart from the finished Products as they are supplied by our Printing Company in Dubai or any of the other branches of OPPS PRINT.

Payment Terms

The Client shall pay 50% of the total cost as advance and balance on delivery. 

 All payments shall be made via credit card, debit card, cheque or bank transfer. All cheques should be addressed to “Orient Printing Press & Sty LLC”. Bank Account details will be provided separately.

Order Confirmation

The Client must confirm the order with an official written consent via purchase order, work order, or a contract along with the associated payment as per the agreed terms 

Price Quotations

All quotations are valid for 30 days. Thereafter they will be subject to revision and confirmation. Only written quotations will be accepted. Any verbal quotations are a mere guide and may not be accurate.


OPPS PRINT will deliver the product and services as described in this quotation. If the customer adds any other items excluding what is mentioned in the quotation, they will be outside the scope of delivery and will not follow the timelines outlined in the quotation and it may incur additional charges.


Proofs of all work will be submitted for the customer’s approval by email provided and/or by post.

The Customer is 100% responsible for the accuracy of the proofs. OPPS PRINT will not accept any liability for errors or mistakes that have been approved by the Customer.


Your data will be checked for print readiness and not for content or design flaws. We are not liable for errors or mistakes in your design if you have approved the artwork proofs.

There are several other industry-wide issues that you should be aware of when considering the design of your printed materials. These include, but are not limited to:

Trimming Discrepancies: Your design should allow for a +/- 5mm degree of trimming discrepancy on your print material as these are common within the printing industry

Ink Rub: If your design has a heavy solid ink coverage on the front, compared with the back, there are chances that the ink can transfer from the front to the back of each sheet due to the pressure of trimming. 

Overprinting: If all the text in your artwork is not selected in overprint form then there is a great chance you will see ‘halos’ around the body of your artwork text. 

Printing Quality

Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible color reproduction of your artwork but because of the nature of the printing processes involved, OPPS PRINT can only guarantee a 90% match in color or texture between the customer’s artwork, proof, or electronic graphic file and the final printed work. Micro pin-holes and other minor defects may also occur from time to time and a judgment as to whether the defect is considered critical or not shall be made by OPPS PRINT in the event of any claim resulting from it. 

Claims and Returns

In the event that the customer is unsatisfied due to any manufacturing errors and/or defects with their order, OPPS PRINT will reprint said order free of charge provided it does not contradict the terms stated above in the proofs, design, and print quality section. 

  • The customer can only claim a return within 7 working days of receiving the delivery. 
  • All claims must be stated via email to the concerned point of contact
  • In the event of a reprint, the entire delivery must be returned to us for inspection. 


In no event shall OPPS PRINT or its subcontractors be liable to the Customer for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or other damages of any kind (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of this agreement.

Site Feedback

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Governing Law

The party you are contracting with and the seller of the products and services offered and sold on this Site is Orient Printing Press & Stationery LLC, a leading printing press company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. All issues related to the protection, infringement, or misuse of copyrighted materials, any legal action or proceeding relating to or arising from your access to or use of this Site or any of our services, shall be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.